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Titolo call: Migration Methodologies: Researching Asia
Testo call:

Call for Papers




International Conference on


'Migration Methodologies: Researching Asia'




8-9 March 2010






Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


National University of Singapore






Organised by:


The Migration Research Cluster


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


National University of Singapore





Contemporary scholarship on the processes, institutions, practices and

experiences of international migration draws on a wide range of research methodologies, reflecting the multi-disciplinary character of the field, the multiple sites and subjects of migration, and the varied concepts and theories that underpin this area of study. Indeed, while the core of a more traditional study of migration may be centered on policy-relevant quantitative analysis of international population flows, many scholars now also incorporate a diverse range of qualitative techniques, while others also seek to work through the often overlapping zones of quantitative and qualitative approaches through mixed methodologies.




Academic debates about international migration have been enlivened by

increasingly sophisticated understandings of population movement and

circulation; migrant stories and experiences have been captured through

in-depth and narrative interviews; the workings of institutions and

civil society groups are understood through detailed ethnographies; and

notions of home, community and diaspora elicited through methods that

incorporate the visual and the material. Moreover, the conceptual

palimpsest of migration scholarship would be noticeably weaker without

these methodologies: understandings of 'transnationalism', 'diaspora',

'(im)mobility', 'return migration', 'integration', and 'assimilation'

have all been enhanced or interrogated anew through findings from a

diverse range of methodological approaches. In spite of all this

methodological development, innovation and cross-fertilisation, however,there is very little discussion within the field of migration studies about the relative value of different research methods, the challenges of designing, executing or analyzing different methodological approaches, or much reflection on the ethical and conceptual implications of these choices, as reflected in the limited coverage of such issues in recent publications on migration research.




In this context this conference seeks to address a significant gap in

the development of a more integrated approach to the study of migration. We aim to bring together scholars from a range of disciplines working on migration issues to discuss the role of methodology in the making of migration research, the ethical and practical challenges of different methodological stances, and the always fraught relationship between research practice, analysis and conceptualization.




We welcome papers that reflect on the disciplinary influences on

migration methodologies, interrogate the choices that are made in

different research projects, and to challenge existing understandings of what is or should be the orthodox approaches to migration. The emphasis of the conference will be on migratory flows into and out of the Asia region, broadly defined, and will incorporate a wide range of

methodological positions within the following panels:




*         Quantitative methods in measuring and categorizing

contemporary migration research


*         Examinations of migrants' everyday experiences


*         Methodologies focusing on migrant/mobile children


*         Positionality and the voices of researcher and researched


*         Ethical issues faced by migration researchers


*         Internet, media and textual research on migration


*         Global and multi-sited ethnographies


*         Innovative, emergent and experimental methodologies




It is anticipated that papers presented at the conference will

contribute to at least one special issue focusing on migration and

methodologies in an internationally peer-reviewed journal, and thus we

would like to request that prior to the conference, the submitted paper

should not have been submitted for consideration for publication











Paper proposals should include a title and a 500-word abstract, as well

as a short biography to be submitted on the attached form by 15 January





Please submit and address all applications and enquiries to Ms Sharon

Wok ( Successful applicants will be notified before

end-January 2010 and will be required to send in a completed paper

(5000-6000 words) by 28 February 2010.










A/P Shirlena Huang


Dr Mika Toyota


Dr Choo Hyekyung


Dr Francis Collins


Dr Pattana Kitiarsa






Ms Sharon Wok


Migration Research Cluster, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS


Research Clusters, Level 6, Block AS7, 5 Arts Link, Singapore 117570




Tel: (65) 6516 7861


Fax: (65) 6779

Deadline: 15/01/2010
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